Volume 1: A new generation

Synopsis: Son Goku suddenly vanished and a new terrible foe will show up on Earth within two years.

With a previously unseen power, his coming has to be anticipated! Only one solution, train the Z-Team with new recruits and the best wine comes in old bottles.

Pan and Bulla will follow an intense training thanks to Master Roshi before participating to the well-known martial arts tournament!

Volume 2: Master and student

Synopsis: While some Lili-Shan discovers her surprising powers, Pan and Bulla continue their intense training.

Uub discovers on his side an unexpected master while Eyo and Nail face a new and mysterious training chamber.

Meanwhile, the Z-team reveals at last the meaning of its absence and a titanic fight starts!

Volume 3: The martial arts tournament

Synopsis: After many months of training, it’s time for reunion!

The great martial arts tournament can begin and its new rules will change the game given the spectacular fights which will happen.

Unfortunately, the children of Akira have decided otherwise… Here comes the end of the world!

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